Brexit in Stop.

Place of Commons Speaker John Bercow has said there can’t be a third “significant” vote on Theresa May’s EU withdrawal bargain in the event that it what is put before MPs remains “generously” the equivalent. The bureau meets today to think about its subsequent stages.

Refering to a tradition going back to 1604, Mr Bercow rankled and astounded pastors with his mediation. A third vote – the Commons having recently turned down the PM’s arrangement by extensive edges – had been thought likely this week. One pastor recommended MPs could cast a ballot on whether to overlook the tradition the Speaker refered to.

European clergymen, aside from those from the UK, meet in Brussels this evening to talk about Brexit. The BBC’s Brexit digital broadcast sees what’s being depicted as a “sacred emergency”. Also, political reporter Iain Watson ponders what Mrs May can do straightaway.

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