Brexit: May and Corbyn expected to meet

Theresa May could can meet Jeremy Corbyn later to work out whether or not there’s basis to interrupt the Brexit situation, Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay says.

He said the “remorseless logic” of MP numbers in the House of Commons meant the UK was heading for an “undesirable” soft Brexit – closer links with the EU

There were no preconditions for the talks, he said, however it had been not a “blank cheque” either.

Mr Corbyn says he desires a union and workers’ rights to be priorities.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg aforesaid there wasn’t a lot of distinction between the government’s version of Brexit and Labour’s version, however there didn’t appear to be “an huge quantity of confidence” a political agreement may be reached from either party.

The PM’s move to carry talks has enraged some Brexiteers, together with Tory Boris Johnson, United Nations agency has suspect Mrs could of “entrusting the ultimate handling of Brexit to Labour”.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, another distinguished Brexiteer, represented the supply as “deeply unsatisfactory” and suspect Mrs could of coming up with to collaborate with “a legendary Marxist”.

But adult male Barclay deuced onerous Brexiteers within the Eurosceptic European analysis cluster (ERG) of Tory MPs United Nations agency refused to back the PM’s deal.

He told BBC Radio 4’s nowadays programme: “It’s unfortunate that what we’ve got been oral communication for many months now’s returning to pass however that’s the ruthless logic of not backing the prime minister’s deal.

“Because the choice then is to possess to hunt votes from the opposition benches as a result of thirty five of my very own colleagues wouldn’t support the prime minister’s deal.”

Mr Barclay aforesaid the consequence of MPs not passing the PM’s deal was either a “soft Brexit or no Brexit at all”.

“It [a soft Brexit] is undesirable however it’s the ruthless logic of the numbers of the House of Commons,” he aforesaid.

He aforesaid the EU has said the withdrawal agreement is that the solely deal on the market, however he aforesaid Labour had expressed a lot of concern regarding the longer term relationship – that is contained inside the separate political declaration.

The withdrawal agreement includes what quantity cash the united kingdom should pay to the EU as a settlement, details of the transition amount, and citizens’ rights – in addition because the moot Irish backstop that aims to avoid a tough approximate the island of eire.

The political declaration sets out proposals for a way the UK’s long run future relationship with the EU can work when Brexit.

Mrs could proclaimed her commit to meet adult male Corbyn – in addition as her intention to raise the EU for an extension to the Brexit point – when quite seven hours of talks along with her cupboard on Tues.

Mr Corbyn aforesaid he was “very happy” to fulfill adult males could and recognised his own “responsibility” to undertake to interrupt the situation.

But the meeting isn’t expected to require place before this afternoon, at the earliest, says our political editor, United Nations agency was told by adult male Corbyn’s team that he wasn’t on the market on Wed morning for talks with the PM.

Later in Parliament

Meanwhile, a cross-party cluster of MPs can try to appear legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

If passed into law, the bill – bestowed by Labour MP Yvette Cooper – would need the PM to invite Associate extension of Article fifty on the far side that point.

The UK was speculated to leave the EU on twenty nine March, however Mrs could united a brief extension when MPs refused to endorse her withdrawal deal.

Attempts by MPs to seek out another solution of the impasse conjointly failing for the second time on.

The UK currently has till twelve Gregorian calendar month to propose a thought to the EU – that should be accepted by the alignment – or it’ll leave while not a deal thereon date.

Mrs could aforesaid she needed to agree a replacement set up with adult male Corbyn on the longer term relationship with the EU and place it to a choose the Commons before ten Gregorian calendar month – once the EU can hold an emergency summit on Brexit.

She insisted her withdrawal agreement – that was voted down last week – would stay a part of the deal.

If the 2 leaders don’t agree one manner forward, Mrs could aforesaid variety of choices would be place to MPs “to verify that course to pursue”.

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