Daimler CEO: Boeing safety debate highlights challenge for autonomous tech

Daimler Chief Dieter Zetsche on Tues same the talk close the security of Boeing’s craft shows however arduous it may be to win public acceptance for autonomous cars technology.


“What is incredibly vital is that the psychological dimension. If you have a look at what’s happening with Boeing then you’ll imagine what happens once such a system has an occasion,” Zetsche same, commenting concerning the automobile industry’s efforts to develop autonomous cars.


In the wake of 2 plane crashes, regulators across the planet have grounded the 737 Georgia home boy craft unfinished AN investigation into whether or not Boeing’s software-based automatic control system is safe.


The motor vehicle business ought to introduce autonomous systems piecemeal, as how to create acceptance for advanced however probably safety-enhancing automotive engineering, Zetsche same.

“Even if autonomous cars are ten times safer than those driven by humans, it takes one spectacular incident to form it a lot of tougher to win widespread acceptance,” Zetsche same.


Separately Zetsche same engineer was considering introducing fuel cells to power electrical buses and trucks.

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