Does Spicy Food Really Cause Ulcers?

For quite a long time, specialists thought eating a great deal of hot sustenance caused stomach ulcers, or excruciating injuries on the covering of the throat, stomach or upper zone of the small digestive system. It absolutely seemed well and good, as patients would frequently grumble of consuming stomach torments in the wake of eating fiery nourishment. The treatment: an exacting eating routine of flat nourishment (which didn’t really dispose of the ulcer torment).

Yet, during the 1980s, researchers put this old spouses’ story to rest (in any event in the therapeutic network — many individuals still accept this one). Studies demonstrated that zesty nourishment doesn’t cause ulcers, however it can bother existing ulcers, which clarifies the misconception.

The genuine guilty party behind most of ulcers, specialists found, was the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Whenever H. pylori enters the body, it sets out toward the stomach, discharging defensive compounds to shield it from the stomach’s destructive stomach related acids. H. pylori at that point tunnels into the stomach’s mucosal coating, which somewhat shields it from white platelets, the insusceptible framework’s primary weapon against bacterial interlopers. Ulcers at that point create as the microorganisms colonize the stomach.

The present ulcer medicines more often than not include anti-toxins to slaughter the contamination, however ongoing exploration has demonstrated that cranberry juice might be successful, as well. Strangely, cranberry juice has for quite some time been a piece of another well known — and perhaps evident — story stating that the tart beverage adequately battles bladder contaminations. The system behind the two medications is believed to be the equivalent: Compounds in cranberry juice keep microscopic organisms from holding fast to the cells covering the urinary tract and counteract H. pylori from adhering to the covering of the stomach.

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