Enjoy This Summer’s Festivals


Working out how to get to a festival is a large part of any attendee’s preparation, especially if you’re travelling with a lot of kit, so it’s well worth planning in advance to find more environmentally-friendly options. The collective carbon footprint racked up by those travelling to festivals can be huge – up to 80 per cent of all UK festivals’ total emissions – so start by looking for alternative modes of transport, such as bikes or trains. You could think about organising a carpool to get you and a group of friends to the site. Don’t know anyone else going? Websites like GoCarShare and Liftshare provide a safe way to find a seat in someone’s car. It’s a good opportunity to make new friends – just make sure to be mindful of your safety if you are meeting people alone.


It’s always good to be prepared, especially as many festivals are cutting down on plastic waste this year. Carrying your own water bottle and cutlery will help you dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that gets thrown away. Familiarise yourself with water refill points so you don’t get caught short if you’re lucky enough to score a festival heat wave. You’ll save money you would have spent buying endless plastic bottles too. You can find stylish reusable bottles from Global Wakecup and S’well. Invest in a good-quality set of travel cutlery to make sure you won’t need to use disposables. Joseph Joseph’s stainless steel set nestles into a handy silicone spoon-shaped pouch to keep it clean, and Shurlple’s Toolbox is a collapsable spoon, fork and chopsticks kit that comes in a biodegradable wheat-composite box.



Last year the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) announced its ‘Drastic on Plastic’ initiative, and its 60-plus members – among them Bestival, Boomtown and Field Day – have pledged to ban single-use plastic by 2021. Glitter, made from tiny particles of plastic, is included in this list, so if you want to sparkle this year make sure you make the switch to bio glitter. Made from plant cellulose, it’s fully biodegradable and not only does this make it kinder to the environment, it’s also easier on your skin. There are loads of great options out there, such as EcoStardust and Wild Glitter, which both come in handy recyclable tins. Eco Glitter Fun stocks kits that include a bamboo brush and recyclable pots of organic aloe vera gel to apply your shine. Read Moore..


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