Mexico vows to take legal action against U.S. after El Paso massacre

Mexico on Sunday took steps to make lawful move against the United States for neglecting to secure its residents after this current end of the week’s mass shooting in the fringe city of El Paso.

Of the 20 individuals gunned down at a Walmart at the Cielo Vista Mall, in any event six were Mexican residents, and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard guaranteed Mexico City will act.

Ebrard considered Saturday’s shooting a “demonstration of savageness.”

“The president has educated me to guarantee that Mexico’s ire converts into … proficient, immediate, quick and commanding lawful moves for Mexico to make a job and request that conditions are built up that ensure … Mexicans in the United States,” Ebrard said in a video posted on Twitter.

Of the 26 harmed in the assault, at any rate nine were Mexican nationals, as indicated by the administration.

El Paso, America’s 22nd-biggest city with an expected populace of 682,669, is in excess of 80 percent Hispanic or Latino, as indicated by U.S. enumeration information. El Paso sits directly over the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juárez, which has a populace of 1.3 million.

The shooter seems to have been focusing on Hispanics and specialists are exploring it as a loathe wrongdoing. A 21-year-old Texas man was in authority

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