Severe ‘Mono’ Infection May Raise Risk for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

As if having the exhausting “kissing disease” — additionally called glandular fever, or “mono” — isn’t dangerous enough, regarding one in ten folks with this infection can develop chronic fatigue syndrome in six months, researchers report.


To better predict which individuals with mono may find yourself with draining chronic fatigue syndrome, investigators at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago developed a brand new scale to rate however severe a glandular fever infection is. They then tested it in 126 faculty students diagnosed with mono.

We checked out what factors correlate with dangerous outcomes and so tried to validate these measures,” aforesaid Dr. Ben Katz, associate attending paediatric infectious diseases specialist.


People with the foremost severe glandular fever infections supported the new scale were quite 3 times as doubtless to satisfy the diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome, Katz explained.


And 3 factors particularly usually showed up in folks with a lot of severe mono. These included:mononucleosis,” she aforesaid.


Swedler aforesaid the new, valid live ought to be useful for steering and coming up with. “There’s a prophetic  price thereto, and it’s going to be wont to standardize care and presumably for earlier treatment of CFS,” she aforesaid.


So what are you able to do to make sure you don’t get mono, and so presumably CFS?


There’s no immunizing agent for glandular fever. to assist stop it, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you just don’t share sure things, such as: drinks and food; consumption utensils; and private things, like toothbrushes.


And, if you think that somebody may need associate infection, don’t kiss them, as a result of the sickness are often transmitted through smooching, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns.

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