The Old Drift

Following through on the distributer’s case of being “the incomparable Zambian tale you didn’t have any acquaintance with you were hanging tight for,” this driven story pursues three altogether different establishing families crosswise over ages, from nineteenth century Europe to the banks of the not so distant future Zambezi waterway. The main female authority we meet is Silliba, ill-conceived little girl of an Italian honorable and his housecleaner, brought into the world canvassed in hair that regrows as quick as it is trimmed. Next is Agnes, a rising tennis star — until she loses her sight. She subtly escapes her rich, British guardians to come back to the home of her Rhodesian sweetheart, who sees little eyes developing on her that retreat after looking into it further. We at that point meet Matha, a youthful African lady transitioning as Zambia turns into a country during the 1960s. These interweaving stories are as saturated with a grave strain of otherworldly authenticity as they are in genuine history: the plot’s fantastical components uncover the savageries and absurdities of certifiable imperialism. At last, this current novel’s main joy lies in observing fiercely shifting lives wipe together to deliver a cross-century picture of a nation.

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